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We provide a range of services including social and market research as well as training and consulting services!

Social Research 

At CSMR Africa, we aim to discover the cause-and-effect relationships ingrained in the social problems that plague Ghana and other African countries. We employ quantitative and qualitative methods and tested frameworks to develop generalizations, principles, and theories that help investigate these issues in our society. Our team of experienced and professional researchers are equipped to provide quality data that has been meticulously analyzed.

Our research focuses on a variety of issues in Africa including food security, agriculture and rural development, education, health, gender and child welfare (gender based violence, women’s health, child rights, child streetism and child support), housing, and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).  We also conduct studies that gauge public opinion on political issues, government policies and social interventions.

Market Research

Capturing behaviors, needs, attitudes, values, and demographics of markets is important to every business. We use research techniques to identify customers and group them based on similar characteristics to facilitate targeted marketing. Our services provide insights to support your understanding of customer behavior based on their profiles and the influence of each profile category on revenue.

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We conduct studies that help you to improve your business by exploring customer perceptions, positioning and determining the likelihood of customers continually choosing a product and/or service over that of competitors. We also conduct market research for product development. This involves obtaining knowledge from the target audience to guide the process of creating or improving a product, service, or app, and bringing it to the market

Trainining and Consultancy

At CSMR Africa, we provide training in Data Analysis for individuals with different levels of
research expertise, institutions and organizations. For beginners, our programmes
are designed to offer rigorous step-by-step training in data analysis, modelling and data
visualization to develop sought-after skills and propel you towards your chosen career. Our tailor
made professional programmes are designed to meet the needs of industry professionals and
organizations that are looking to upgrade their skills, improve job performance and build core
competencies that meet today’s industry demands.

We also provide consulting services using evidence-based research to help public and private sector industries to streamline their businesses and sustain growth. Our range of services in market research, feasibility studies, perception studies and baseline surveys help businesses to assess their capacity, realign resources, increase efficiency and ultimately boost profitability.

Training Programmes

Module 1:

Introduction to data analysis using excel

Module 2:

  • Coding Techniques
  • Introduction to data analysis and visualizing in SPSS

Module 3

Modelling in SPSS

Module 4

Introduction to data analysis in R-studio

Questions? Or want to register for any of our programmes? Send us a quick email!

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